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Emma Trips December 30, 2014
As I was driving home from Pittsburgh, PA yesterday, I couldn't help but remember all the trips you and mom took us on when we were growing up. I remember you and mom would tell bub and me to get our shoes on and get ready to go. When we would ask where we were going your reply would be "don't know". And we would ask what time would we get back home, again you would say, "when we get home". You would drive all over WV and parts of VA or KY without planning a route or destination. Those were some of the best times!! No distractions and we kept ourselves entertained. I miss those days. I definitely miss you more than anything. Love you bunches!!
Merry Visitors December 7, 2014
The tradition is still going on. People sometimes come around (visit) on weekends and every now and then some people will come around (visit) through the week.  If I'm truly blessed they will stay for more than an hour or two and stay off (or not take a quick peek at) their cell phones. I could do WITHOUT that type of visits and wished they wouldn't come around at all.  The ONLY difference is, YOU are not alive living with us and when you were alive everyone didn't have a cell phones. No I don't go visit people cause I DON'T and NEVER feel welcome anymore. Yes when people do visit, I do make them feel welcome or try. Miss and Love you much
Merry expectations September 22, 2013
Why do we as people sit our hopes and dreams high, so high we fall, stumble or crawl. We expect more than one another is willing to give. A lot of times we sit our expectation too high and hope for the best in others, we all do it. When one person does things for another person and gets their expectations high then just stops, they've changed that person the they want them, the one person expects more, waits and hopes that things will get back to the way the use to be. We as humans (people) expect life not to be hard, but it's what we all make of it. So sit your own expectations, live your life and be happy. One my expectations we to heaven way too early. I expected us to be together for a long time. Wished you we here. Miss and love ya lots, xoxoxo forever.
Merry Involved September 13, 2013
What is it with people when they get involved with someone, they stop talking, going around or having anything to do with any of the other people they use to do stuff with. Those people (person) do that everytime they get involved with someone. It's like the other people they use to be do stuff with or be around don't exist. But existence is something we deal with everyday and people should not let one little bump in the road of life keep them from living their lives. People should live their lives as happy as the can, not let anything and everything get to them. Miss and love you everyday, xoxoSmile
Merry Family and People August 3, 2013
Really, what is family, people that you call sisters, brothers, your own kids, your husband's family, any kinfolk, other people or strangers. Some of those people sure don't act or feel like family. Some people only call and I do mean only call when they WANT or NEED something or you to take them to their appointments. Then some of those same people treat you like crap and talk about you like a dog or really WORSE than a dog, But you know that old sayings, ( let sleeping dogs lie) their letting someone else rest, probably themselves and I just let them talk. I just let everybody talk, thats WHAT it is JUST talk. One of these days maybe JUST maybe those people will REALLY have something to TALK about. People have to have someone else or other people to talk about it makes them feel safe and powerful, and they are just bullies. That the reason you shut those type of people out of your life and go about your business, some people say it's hard to do but DON'T let those type of in you life, if you do get rid them like an old shoe. People like that just drag you down, and make you feel like you'rein hell. So live your life the way you want, how you want and to the fullest.
Miss and love you so very, very much, xoxoxo
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