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Merry Family May 12, 2013
Why does family always think they can get by with anything. You loan them stuff, or take tools and straighten up their yard or fix anything else that need to be fix and next thing you know you tools or anything you left there are gone. Family thinks you can drop everything that you are doing and need to do at a drop of a hat for them, not so. You know I never ever want  family or people around when it just convenient for them or call me when it convenient for them or they want something. I just soon I was dead to family or people like that. You know that the reason I don't have anything thing to do with my own sisters and brothers. I don't need so call family like that, noone needs so call family like that. Miss and love you very much, xo
Merry Worrying December 23, 2012
Why worry about somebody, a person or people that doesn't want to call you or text you when they go out in a snow storm, any storm, a known deadly highway or long trip. You text them and they ignore your text, all they have to do is said, yes, I'm ok and be done with it, instead they chose not to. They think all I'm doing is just meddling or being nosey and not worrying, not true. I don't have to do either one, but that's what I do when I love KIN, someone, a person or people.  I'm tire of worrying about someone, person or people and not being talk to unless it convenient for them, even if it's kin. I know I'm probably being a SCROOGE, it being christmas, but I'm tired of worrying.
I was told that I was pulling away from family and people, but that's ok if they wouldn't do the CRAP that they do, I would distance myself. I told you and myself years ago I will not let ANYONE ever worry or hurt me again. I know I sound irresponsible and cruel but there are just so many time you let yourself be used and bullcrapped. Miss and love ya so very much, xo
Merry kin May 10, 2012
What are kin? Is it someone that is just married to another person, or people who are call dad, mom, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, neice, nephew, cousin, grandparents, grandkids, brother-in-law or sister-in-law, mother-in-law or father-in-law. Is it people that call you just when they want something or when they thank you know something they don't. Is it people that call you when your kin passing away. Well some people must not be kin cause they were left in the dark about kin passing away, but not about a neighbor in your OLD neighborhood passed away. Why is it that friends are better than people called kin. At least they will tell you to your face what they think and people that are kin talk behind your back. So, really what are kin? Tongue Out Miss and love you so much, xo

Merry pretense and leave May 8, 2012
Why do people pretent to like you, kowning all the while they don't.  They ask you question and say they love you when you leave. Then behind you back they talk about you worse then a dog.   I really should have keep the farm. Dale has some, somewhat friends out here  that he runs around with. That is the only reason I can back to west virginia.  I would have move to another state.  I really ready to move up north or a little bit more down south. If I can get the house remodel and some other stuff done.   I would move out west maybe. Kisslove you much
Merry memories March 3, 2012
Why does someone or some things remind you of your horrible childhood. I was told by one parent that I was the ugliest of their children and told by the other parent she prayed she was not pregnant.
When I was growing up I was at peace being in the hills.
I tried to keep the past in the past, but something always manages to remind me of it.
I thank god that he gave me life, cause REALLY the best thing that ever happened to me was meeting, falling in love, marrying you and having two children of our own.
TRULY god blessed me when he sent you to me.  We had alot of good years together, and wished we had alot more together. 
Miss and love you

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