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Seen a ten point buck the other day. It was a nice one. Logan county is bow only. The only thing is I don't know how to shoot a bow. We just didn't get around to you teaching me how to shoot a bow. I remember when you and Dale were learning to shoot your bows in pap's yard. You put an arrow into the side of pap's house. It did't take you and Dale long to get good at shooting your bows. When you set your mind to doing something, you did it and done it well. We had a lot of plans for 2008. One thing you did teach me is how to hunt. Hopefully I won't be to sick to take HP out bird hunting this year. I know you will be with me when I take her out. Dale and Em has been talking about squirrell hunting. Maybe when Em comes down in a couple of weeks Dale can take her squirrel hunting. She misses hunting with you and Dale does too. Dale was talking about the time you guys went deer hunting up at Larry's farm. He said you guys bout froze your butts off. Miss and love you lots, xoxoxo
 I was going to mom's the other day and looked up at the porch driving by and seen you standing there. I can remember every time someone would walk up the road you would throw dog food at them. I always exspect to see you when I go up to chauncey. We miss and love you so much. It doesn't get any easier not seeing you around or hearing your voice. I know it's hard taking care of Bub and Pap, but if anyone can do it you can. Tell them I love them and miss them alot. I think you would like Molly's new fella he is really good to her, and Salena's fella is shy but he likes aunt Merry alot, he likes talking to her. We miss and love you and think about you every day.
Here these past couple of months I seen some people do a lot of things they didn't want to do and be stressed over it, then blame another person or two. If people don't want to do something another person does why do it. I can't wait to move, hopefully it will be soon and it will be quiet without any dogs barking and people whining. House wasn't meant for two families. Hopefully in about a year and half I will have the house (if and when I get it) paid off. Dale and I will go on a vacation, I don't know were just as long as I go and get gone. I just need a break from, a big break, I need to sleep for about 2 weeks. My head has been hurting for about a week, some days bad some not, right now about medium. It has been almost 2 years and it does not get easier. I wish you were here. I miss and love you, xoxoxo.
I was thinking about the when we bought the farm. We had look at a lot of places, but when you saw the farm, you fell in love with it. Dale and I looked at a house with 4 acres all flat land, no mountains. Dale didn't like it. He says he doesn't have a place to hunt, he is right. I don't have a place to walk and it has a rental house on it. The people that rent the house seem nice. I need your help. I need to decide to buy it or not. The house and four acres would be something you like. The neighbors are close to the house and the driveway is in a curve. I miss and love you, xoxoxo
I talk to the realtor yesterday, the one that sold the farm for us. She told me that the ohio couple that bought it met Mr. Webb. They told her he was crazy. Mr. Webb told them that god told him, he was suppose to buy the farm and put a church on it. He told them that he didn't know the farm was for sale, which we know that was not true. I remember when he told us that Jesus told him to plant citrus trees all over our hillside so he could feed all the people in the would when we own the farm. I am so glad we moved. I wonder how many times a day the ohio couple has to run his stupid dogs off for running deer or running beside their cars up the driveway all the way to the back door. I miss and love you, huggs and kisses.
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